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About Me

I'm Ria, a London born Mother of three Children.
In October 2019 we moved from London to start a new life in The Philippines. We moved to an Island we had never visited before and didn't speak the local language. My husband is Filipino BUT is from another Island and they speak a totally different language to him. Luckily, English is one of the main languages here so google translate isn't always needed. 
Once we moved, I then spent almost 6 months alone with the Children building our new life, while my husband tied up things in London. We also felt this would be a fantastic time to get our first ever puppy. Never ones to do things by half!
I work and design from my laptop and ipad around school runs and general daily life. Which luckily now also includes beach trips and a lot more sun than ever before. Yay! For tropical weather.
A High Vibe Life store was born from designs and doodles created during a period of post-natal depression and chronic anxiety. I started drawing and taught myself to hand letter and basic calligraphy, as way of distracting my mind and incorporating a mindful creative practice.
I began to learn more about energy healing during this time and started to adopt a more holistic. and. spiritual way of life. This has lead to my designs being based around affirmations or slogans that both empower and inspire
My hope is for my designs to be worn by anyone at any age. I design with love, friendship, positivity and unity in mind. They are bright, colourful and uplifting while still maintaining a modern and fashionable look. 
When I am not 'Mumming or wifeing' I regularly practice hypnosis, EFT meditation and yoga. I am also reiki attuned and as a family we create vision boards, use positive affirmations, practice gratitude and work with the laws of attraction. I love crystals and essential oils, chocolate and coffee.
You can read more about my journey and the designs, from my blog page and my social media profiles.
Thank you for stopping by.
Ria. x



Ria - A High Vibe Life